Regular ‘Good’ S*x Can Lower Blood Pressure As Effective As Taking Medicine – Scientists Unveil

Regularly having good sex can lower blood pressure as effectively as some medicines, a study has found. Volunteers’ readings had fallen by up to 13 percent the day after they made love, US scientists discovered. Taking a water pill diuretic, a common treatment for high blood pressure achieves similar results, they said. Georgia State University […]

Cute Love Paragraphs From The Heart

To be in love is one of the most wonderful and magical feelings people experience in life. However, sometimes we are simply afraid to show to someone special what our heart really feels as well as we are afraid to express the way we feel towards the partner. But not to worry! If you’re reading […]

How Anger Affects And Destroys Your Relationship

Everyone gets angry sometimes — it’s human nature. The important thing is how you react to and control feelings of anger. Manage your feelings appropriately, and your relationships don’t have to be negatively affected. But if you let anger control you, you might hurt the loved ones in your life. HERE ARE THE DEFECT OF […]

How Whatsapp Feature Ended A Relationship (Screenshots)

A romantic relationship between two parties just might have hit the rocks and it’s all thanks to the new feature that was introduced in instant messaging app, WhatsApp. Twitter user, @Mikereezzy, took to the platform to share screenshots of the chats between him and his girlfriend. However with the new Whatsapp feature, it showed that […]

3 Reasons Why She Ignores Your DMs

A lot of guys keep complaining about this or that Lady who did not reply their DMs and here is a definitive list of reasons why you were ignored. 1. She’s Not Familiar With You: You can’t just be harassing someone’s DMs as if you’re a rabid dog on heat. Start by liking her pictures […]

8 Reasons Why Girls Wont give You Blow Jobs

So earlier right this moment at work, my curiosity obtained the higher a part of me and I requested my opinionated female colleagues how they actually really feel about blow jobs and the solutions got here pouring – uninhibited. Among the 5 of us, we have been capable of provide you with a thousand the […]