4 Reasons The Rich Are Getting Richer (How You Can Join Them)

Let’s argue this out once and for all! The poor are getting poorer while the rich are getting richer because; there is injustice in this country, the government is not looking after the welfare of the poor, the rich are amassing wealth unduly, and the rich are selfish.

Are all these are correct, right? WRONG! Let me show you five reasons why the rich are getting richer.

Why are the rich getting richer and the poor always complaining? When I mean the rich, I don’t mean the Adenuga’s, Dangote’s, and other billionaires – those ones are far away from us. I mean the young hustlers who are making so much money from the internet that people now think they are into Yahoo Yahoo.

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1. The Rich Love Learning About Anything That Brings Money

The best way to spot someone who has no plans to work hard is to see them shout “scam” when a wonderful money making idea is presented to them.

Talks like “if you are making so much money, why are you sharing it?” is something that is common. They forget the fact that we are 170 Million people in Nigeria, which means that the market is extremely large for anyone to offer a service and make money.

Give a rich man an idea; he doesn’t castigate the idea till he has tried it several times without any headway.

2. Working Hard Is Another

When I mean Hard work, I don’t mean standing under the sun or being busy. Hard work is something most of us don’t have.

Have you ever tried something more than 10x and it didn’t work, yet you continued?

Have you ever engaged in a business that didn’t yield initial success until after 2 years, yet you continued?

When I say hard work, I mean putting your body and mind, striving till you find success.

Most poor people try something for just a month, and the next thing you hear is “It doesn’t work.” If success comes so easy, everyone would have been a millionaire in Nigeria.

3. The Rich Diversify, The Poor Are Single Income

So what’s the difference now? Anything that would generate cash is a welcome idea, whether risky or not. But the poor man prefers to have his money where he can see it every day and have a sense of pride.

The poor man is loyal to his boss, he wants to just earn his income and be happy. Instead of looking for extra means to make money, he is just comfortable with his single income. The moment his only source of income seizes, he goes back to his original state; “poor”.

4. The Rich Don’t Sleep; The Poor Love Sleeping

This might be quite funny, but if you want to make $$$ from the internet, then you have to be awake when the white man is also awake. Time-zone is quite different, so there isn’t much luxury of sleeping.

Staying up at night and watching your favourite TV program is the same as sleeping because you are being unproductive. If you have stayed close to a rich man before, you would discover that Nighttime is when the money is actually made.

Because the ideas, strategies generated at night is what brings the money during the day.

So what is it about the rich and the poor?

It is a clear case of good use of time. While the one uses his time for daydreaming, chasing fantasies and living in Wish Island, the other is planning, executing, and making profits.

As long as there is a sharp difference in the use of time between the rich and the poor, the rich will keep getting richer while the poor will keep getting poorer.