Bemise’s Murder – The Real Story Behind Her Death as Confessed By BRT Driver

Security operatives in Lagos State recently confirmed they arrested the driver of the BRT driver which late Oluwabamise Ayanwole boarded on her way home from work before she went missing and was eventually found dead.

There have been many versions of the story and circumstances that led to her death. This is the confession extracted from the BRT driver who is the prime suspect.

The driver who is identified as Andrew Nice Omininikoron, had been on the run ever since the day of Bamise’s disappearance, and he was later declared wanted by the Police, however the Police later confirmed his arrest and revealed that they were able to apprehend him through the use credible informations about his whereabouts, and also through the help of the DSS.

The Police also revealed that Bamise’s lifeless body was discovered around Ebute Ero, and contrary to the to the rumours making the rounds in the news and on social media, her body was not mutilated and no part of her body was removed, neither was any of her vital organs removed as had earlier been reported.

Following his arrest by the Police, Andrew Nice Omininikoron was later paraded by the Police and during subsequent interrogations by journalists, he tried to exonerate himself from the murder of the 22- year- old and claimed that his bus had been hijacked by some armed men and that he had no connection with the killers.

In a video which was released after his arrest, the 47- year- old driver claimed that his bus had been hijacked by some men and that they were pointing a gun at him and also directing him on what to do, Andrew Nice also claimed that it was the gunmen that ordered him to drive the bus to the Carter Bridge where they ordered him to stop and they dragged Bamise down from the vehicle. When quizzed about why he ran away after the incident instead of reporting the matter to the Police, Andrew claimed that he was overwhelmed with the circumstances that led to Bamise’ s death.



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