Health Problems That Arise During The Rainy Season

Health Problems That Arise During The Rainy Season

Here are the common Illnesses that Arise During the Rainy Season. June to September are the months we experience an heavily downpour. During the rainy season, we really feel so cool, and the atmosphere is all green. The truth is, we also invite some health disorders and sicknesses to our body. Most particularly youngsters who’re normally vulnerable. So, Parents should be watchful and cautious in the course of the rainy season.

During the rainy season, there some an infection that’s so paramount, so, it’s essential that you realize about the sickness to take necessary precaution during this season.

So, in this short article, we would be talking about the list of seasonal diseases that arises during the season, some of the illness is related to the respiratory system (water and foodborne diseases), Cold and flu happens mostly during the rainy season.

Below is the list of common Illnesses that Arise During the Rainy Season

1. Dengue

This is a disease transmitted by a mosquito, by the species of mosquito referred to as the Aedes caused by the dengue virus. The Symptoms of the illness are; Muscle and joint pains, headache, high fever, vomiting.

2. Flu

Short for influenza, this is a common infection that brings a cough, fever, severe aching and catarrh. It occurs yearly.

Three Food infection

We can also name it food poisoning. It commonly occurs throughout rainy, as a result of people that people patronize meals that is not cooked at home.

Food infection: this is a disease that happens while taking contaminated food or water, it can be infected during its production stage, processing or cooking. It is mostly caused by bacteria akin to parasites, E.coli, and viruses; At least 99.9% of people contaminated by food illness is caused by unknown sources.

For a country like Nigeria, hygiene performs a job in the spread of food poisoning, because some people do not waste their hands with soap before eating, they just jump into the food they are about to eat and infect it with their dirty hands. More so, if you’re the type that lives in a place that breeds insects such as, houseflies, cockroaches or rodents like rats. This rodent can carries germs to our food.

If you start experiencing that illness, is advisable to drink plenty of drink and rest to prevent hydration because at this stage such a person would have been vomiting or stooling. Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) is a solution can be given to any person that has experienced food poisoning to help relieve the loss of fluid in the body.

four. Leptospirosis:

This is another rainy season diseases; that is an infectious bacterial disease of rodents, dogs, and other mammals, which also be transmissible to people.