How To Stop Being Added To WhatsApp Groups 2019

How To Stop Being Added To WhatsApp Groups 2019


WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app nowadays; and because of that, its developers need to update it very often to satisfy all the needs of users around the world.


One of the features that we were waiting this year, after being found by WABetaInfoon the WhatsApp beta app for iOS, was the one that allows us to manage who can add us to a new WhatsApp group. Until now, we just knew that we were going to be added to a new group when someone already added us, but now we can finally choose if we want to be in that group or not.

How to Stop Being Added to WhatsApp Groups

To enable the new feature that block whatsapp group from adding you without your wish, you need to update the Whatsapp to its latest version (you can do that through the App Store or Google Play, once here check if you have a new update available).

Now open WhatsApp and head to “Settings-> Account -> Privacy“.

Here, you will find a new option called “Groups“. You can choose through the three different options that you think suits your needs the best:

  • Everyone: Just as it says, everyone can add you to a new group without your concern, including those who you don’t even have registered as a contact.
  • My contacts: Only your contacts can add you to a new group without sending an invitation.
  • Nobody: If you have selected this option, you will be noticed with an invitation in case someone wants you to join their group, without exceptions.

And that’s about it.

This way, you can stop people from adding you to new WhatsApp groups without blocking them or stop the annoying people adding you in random WhatsApp groups that you don’t even know.

You should also know that even if you have selected the option to stop everyone from adding you in a new group, you can still receive private invitations that will last 72 hours until they expire; enough time to let you think if you want to join them or Not.

We’ve also recently discovered that new changes are probably going to arrive pretty soon to WhatsApp, such as a dark mode or even a feature that allows us to protect our chats through a fingerprint. But the last one obviously can only work if our smartphone has a fingerprint sensor.