Man becomes a millionaire after selling rock that fell into his house for N766m

A young coffin maker has become an instant millionaire after selling a space rock that fell into his house for a whopping N766 million

Josua Hutagalung was at home when the meteorite the size of a football fell near his living room smashing through his roof

The father of three wants to use some of the money he got from the sale to build a church for his community

A young father’s fortunes hit a drastic turnaround in the twinkle of an eye after a space rock rent his roof and fell into his house.

The man identified as Josua Hutagalung from Indonesia sold the football-sized meteorite to a specialist collector for an outrageous £1.4million (N766 million).

How it happened

The incident which took place in the year 2020 happened on a fateful day Josua was at home.

When the thunderous sound rent the area by reason of the fall, Josua wondered what it could be as it was a sunny day.

He went to the place where it fell and found the rock weighing 2.2kg in his house.

The money he sold is worth 30 years of his salary

The father of three shared a video on his Facebook wall showing the exact spot the rock fell describing it as warm when he lifted it.

It is calculated that the whopping sum he sold the rock for equates to his usual salary for a period of 30 years.

It is reported that a young man identified as Steve Nava had found an old man taking accommodation in a car along a road he usually plied to work.

Steve, out of curiosity, drew closer and was surprised to recognize that the old man is José Villaruel, his former teacher in the US.

Steve interacted with Mr V and learnt that his former teacher was not only homeless but was jobless by virtue of the pandemic.

The young man added that the teacher said his only source of income was a monthly Social Security check but then, he sends most part of the money to his sick wife in Mexico.

























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