Most Nigerians Think You Are Bleaching If You Are Light-Skinned – Vera Gerald

Vera Gerald, Nigerian actress/advertising model has released stunning new photos on her IG page. The talented actress and brand model shared the photos which shows her flawless skin and advised black people who are fond of changing their skin color to light skin to stop, because the habit is now making most people think every light skin person bleached their skin.

“Maybe the Nigerian Govt should also follow in the steps of Ghana which recently banned bleaching products in the country. It appears that these days, everyone is light skinned- even those whose mothers and fathers are charcoal black. My light skin is natural, and i won’t have cared if it was black because i really do admire people with clean black skin as well; however it’s becoming a big embarrassment to me when i meet new people and they’re asking me, “What cream do you use, i want to have a skin as light as yours”, she posted.

Continuing, she wrote; “I don’t know if any of you naturally light-skinned people can relate . Please, whatever skin complexion you were born with, learn to appreciate it. There is more to you than your skin colour. Being light skinned will not make you more attractive than the person with a lovely black skin. It’s pointless trying to impress any man by bleaching, because he doesn’t want you the way God created you. If you need to bleach to impress a man and keep him, you will eventually lose him when your skin gets damaged. And your previously lovely dark skinned would have been lost for the right people to admire.