Nigerian Man Wows Lady with N500k for her Calmness after His Car Mistakenly Splashed Water on Her

A Nigerian businessman Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah gifted a young lady on the road a cheque of N500k for her calmness

The businessman was said to be returning from work when a car in his convoy splashed water on the lady

He was stunned that she didn’t budge or react and this moved him to show kindness to the fashion designer lady

A lady got richer in thousands following her calmness in the face of a road mishap.
Sharing the incident on his Facebook page, businessman Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah stated that he was returning from work when a car in his convoy splashed water on the lady who was walking past.

The lady’s calmness caught the man’s attention Photo Credit: Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah Source: Facebook She didn’t curse or scream Marksman said to his surprise, the lady didn’t scream or curse at the car but instead cleaned herself up and continued her journey


This act caught his attention and he ordered the convoy to stop as he apologized to the lady. The businessman then gifted her a cheque of N500k after learning that she does fashion designing for a living. He stated that the lady’s calmness was too profound to be ignored.

Social media reacts

Mary Jane Chidinma Ikem wrote: “See how her destiny helper located her. “May our destiny helpers locate us at the right time in Jesus name, Amen! “Thank you Redking, you are a great man with a difference.”

Felix Ifeanyi Abacha Nwosu said: “Pls when are u passing near Isolo Lagos? I need all ur cars to drench me with splashes of dirty water.. I swear, I won’t say pim… God, u know what 500k go do for me now in this country condition? That gal get special grace…”


Ekeh Amaka remarked: “Chai! You’re good man, you’re doing so much for humanity… May posterity be kind to you. “On a lighter note; to think people have been splashing me water for free without even sorry hahaha ”

Ellen Phil commented: “The Red King himself. “The way you see and live your life is worthy of emulation. “I love how you impact lives positively. “May God to bless you more for all you do for humanity.”



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