Ogun Civil Servant Cries Out After Being Allegedly Shot By SARS Official (See Photos)

A member of the Ogun state civil service, Ola Hammed, has cried out for justice after he was allegedly shot in the leg by F-SARS officers in Abeokuta on June 12th. Posting photos of his injured foot,

Hammed wrote,

Let the people of Ogun State immediately start to take a step to contain rising cases of brutality and physical assault with gun recently linked to the Federal Special Anti-robbery Squad(FSARS).

My ordeal in the hands of Federal Sars which happened on this remarkable day (June 12 2018). A fight erupted from an argument between a man and a team of FSARS stationed at under bridge ibara in Abk.

The incident that lasted for hours drew the attention of many passerby and okada riders. At a point one of the sars officer spoted a guy among the crowd taking video coverage of the incident, he approach the guy and drag his trousers and started beating him.

The perceived disgruntled trembling crowd got angry and started throwing stones at the sars operatives. The next we hear is that they(FSARS) opened fire, shooting sporadically, they did not just open fire they were aiming at people with intentions to kill.

Though, some people were miles away from the scene of the incident yet we all took on our heels, running for our lives,most especially stray bullet.

One of them accosted me ,I told him I didn’t have anything to do with the stoning, I was saying that still moving away from him, he then said and I quote “I will spoil your leg” the next I heard was a gun shot.

I discovered ive been shot in the left foot when I started bleeding heavily, thank God I raised my leg up. I was rushed to korede hospital from where I was referred to General Hospital because it has to do with gun shot.

All this time I have been experiencing serious pain because the health workers requested for police report. On the 13th of june the ppro went on media to say that it was because people attacked the sars operetives with stones that led to such despicable act.

Sir, I stand to be corrected but we’ve watched series of riot and protest in and outside the country and non has a record of maximum force.

I can barely leap on the other leg, I can not sleep at night due to vigorous pains I’m going through while the person that perpetrate this inhuman act is out there in the comfort of his home.

I don’t know what will happen from here. I am also a Government worker, a teacher to be precise. We have various jobs which SARS is one them and for modi operandi we have instrument/equipment attached to each job to enhance effective delivery.

They have access to gun base on the nature of their job which I strongly believe it does not connote we should be fearful whenever we meet with them.

As if that was not enough, 4days after these same set of impostors, went to skating ground at panseke to disrupt their peaceful activities as they resulted into chasing people with no just cause, which eventually led to the death of a very gentle and humble guy named AWILO.

Nothing significant has been done to appease the two cases, instead they are still going about their ruthless activities.

I want Ogun State government to act fast on the issue, before its operatives wreaked more havoc on the innocent and defenseless citizens.

The conduct and operations of SARS had sent several Nigerians to their early grave.

Their operation had affected the citizen human right.

I know my outcry may end up futile like my initial outburst on RockCityFM.

I want people to start talking about the worrisome dimension the conduct of SARS has taken. I am calling on the citizens to intesify their advocacy if they truly desire an end to the menace.


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