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            History Of “THE GIANT FAMILY” (SASS Yellow Class Of 2004-2007)

It all started 4 years ago when Victor Bamidele aka John.k. lion decided to set a unity landmark by flashing back to the old sweet memory of how a group of young lads where privileged to be grouped together in an academic environment JSS 1 yellow saint Anthony secondary school to pursue their secondary academic career, different young lads with different background and mentality yet there is a common trait among us all which is love and unity, we stand out amidst other classes, we do things together, always there for each other, no matter what we always have each other’s back, it was a sweet journey 3 years in junior class, 3 years in senior class in different class of study yet the yellow blood still keep us together, after secondary school life each member of the yellow class has to set his or her own path to pursue tertiary education John.k. after many years have a vision on how he can reunite the big family back so that we can continue on the path we have started has children, in the year 2015 he created a group on all social networks WhatsApp, Facebook to create a network between us all and reignite the yellow family spirit gradually the family start coming together the year 2015 we had our first yellow class family reunion which was a huge success it was the first and more than 15 yellow class member was in attendance it was held at the Broadway hotel Ilorin.

Below Are Few Pictures From The Event in 2015;


Then the family keeps growing others keeps connecting with other lot of activates carried out in between the years we had our second reunion in the year 2016 tagged giving back to our root we started planning how we can contribute back to the platform that brought us all together the reunion was held at unilorin dam restaurant with more than 30 persons in attendance including our most precious class teacher in person of Mr Parati in between the years we keep supporting each other in our little ways before the last reunion in 2017.


Below Are Few Pictures From The Event in 2016;


john k

john k








we record series of graduate, youth coppers and marriages in the family which we all support, the last reunion was held at fish and net 2017 in Ilorin city with over 40 persons in attendance at this event we finalized how we plan to give back to our root and also how to enhance each other’s abilities.

Below Are Few Pictures From The Event in 2017;



Currently we are working towards a big project which will be lunched at this year 4th edition of our reunion which will have in attendance prominent staff of our beloved secondary school SASS ilorin we keep getting better each year bigger network more success, the family has record hug success over the year lot of graduates, working class serving NYSC members, marriages, child dedication, project etc. we give thanks to almighty GOD for how far he has brought us.






Full name: Sosi Saheed
Nickname: Sosi
Occupation: Musician
Hobby: Love to sing
Fav quote: Do you/be you


Full name: opeyemi toyosi oyediran oguns
Nickname: ohpy-tee
Hobby: so much Love to Dance
Fav quote: am a force man easy going


Full name: shuaib oba mariam
Nickname: Sosi
Occupation: Musician
Hobby: Love to sing
Fav quote: Do you/be you


Name: shuaib oba mariam
Nickname: mazanmariam
Interest: everything about music
Quote: the more you let go the higher you rise


Nickname: DAVIDTOP
Interest: Intellectual Development…
Quotes: “Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs; even though checkered by failure; than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt.
“Remember, you don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar


Name…………..Ochigbo ben Paul
Nickname…. £IN$TEIN
Interest………..Everything Entertainment
Occupation…Administrative Officer
Quote………….live and die with a smile, after God comes money, live n be happy today like no tomorrow


Name: Abdulmalik Sadiq
Nick Name:Awesome Show seek
Love Dancing


Name Tiamiyu kehinde

nickname Kenny snow occupation ICT business analyst

love for internet surfing


Name: Adewunmi Olamide Ruth
Nick name: ‘Meedey unique’
Qualification: B. SC computer science
Interest: Entrepreneur
Occupation: Event planner
Profile: A lover of Christ and a confectioner.


Name: Olajire Olayinka Nurudeen
Nickname: Aykins
Interest: Everything entertainment
Quote: The earlier you understand that nobody owes you anything (even your close family members ) the better for you!


Name: Babatunde I Adesoye.
Nickname: Ibk
Interest: playing football




Name: Ali Bawo Ali
Nickname: Alimillz
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Song lover
Quote: No such thing as a life that’s better than yours, love yours


Name: Egunjimi Rachael Oluwabukola
Nickname: Rahila
Occupation: fashion designer
Love listening to music
Interest:watching love film
Quote:only thing greater than the power of the mind is the courage of the heart


Name: Adebayo Oluwakemi Omolola
Nickname: Ebony Xclusive
Occupation: Stylist
Quote: Trust God and trust the process.When given the choice between being right and being kind. Chose kind


Name: Okedare Victoria Abimbola
Nickname: Victoriaclothes
Occupation: Fashion Designer and fabric Designer
Quote: Be an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.


Name: Basheer Mustapha K.
Nickname: Kay..
Occupation: Civil Servant
Quote: He who come with equity must come with clean hands…


Name:Adewoye Sunday oluwatobi
Quote: Life passes by so fast. Whatever makes you happy, that’s what you should do.


Name: IDRIS, Toyeeb B.
Nickname: Doctoryyib
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Quote: Next to creating a life, the finest thing one can do is to save a life.


Name:isiaq shukrat temitope
Occupation: self employed
Quote:what goes around comes around


Name:owolabi jumoke
Nickname: touchbyjummy
Occupation: makeup artist
Quote:wat u see and wat u hear is always a lesson


Name:Adedeji Sofiat Tinuola
Nickname: Soffy
Occupation: Nurse
Quote: A stitch in time saves nine.


Name: Adam Mariam Abimbola
Nick name: Mairro
Interest: Internet surfing and anything that brings laughter.
Quotes: “The tongue has no bones, but it is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful of your words.”


Name: Afolabi ( jibril) ramat opeyemi. Nickname : mum dara. Occupation: still serving. Quote: always believe in yourself n trust nobody even your shadow, and be prayerful