The Primary Reason a Lady Falls For a Guy Is ‘Money’

I have Come To Realize That The Major Reason Why Ladies Fall For Guys Is Money But Nobody wants to admit to the fact that most ladies fall in love with guys on the basis of money.

Okay let’s be honest with each other, a guy spends on you, tends to your every needs even before you asked him to, you would definitely find yourself developing some feelings there or is there anyone who wants to live a life of penury.

Money may be the root of all evil, but for a relationship to thrive there must be money. It may not buy happiness but it sure buys a good life and no lady anywhere in the world wants to live a life of just love and no money.

Money is very essential to fall in love as one hardly see a lady falling in love with a broke guy, it’s true you can’t control who you fall in love with but when a guy spends for you. you sure going to find yourself falling head over heels for him.

Ladies might want to argue with this but it is just the basic truth in the recent world we find ourselves…