Burna Boy Explains Why He Wouldn’t Be Voting In The 2019 Elections (Photos)

Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has revealed that he has no plans of voting in the 2019 Elections in Nigeria.

The singer made this known via his Insta-stories today, according to him, anyone who believes their votes would count is delusional.

In his words:-

I will not be voting. I see no reason why me or any Nigerian youth should. If you think your Votes mean anything or you think you can implement change by voting for the same shit,And I mean on both sides of the elections.

You are delusional and you are part of the problem.We are Hopeless youths Who are too scared to FIGHT for our future, therefore we have unconsciously accepted to Have no future.

Just recycle the past over n over while we pray n talk so fucking much
Please understand that They will keep on Fucking us until we cut their Dicks off!

When he was asked what he thinks is the way forward, he said:-

Financial independence of the Youths will give us the Power we need to be able to change our situation. The youth should be the future and the failures of the past should not keep on ruling us and repeating.