Few Things Your Girlfriend/Wife Wants You To Do But Wouldn’t Ask



Women are known to be talkative in comparison to men, but when it comes to certain things they need in a relationship, they’d rather keep quiet. They live in silence hoping that you’ll get the memo. Unfortunately, most men have a hard time figuring this out, and that has resulted in crises in relationships. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see her heart and know exactly what she wants?


Here are 4 things your woman wants you to do but wouldn’t ask.


  1. She wants you to touch her always

She might be a grown woman but she wants to be your baby. When she loves you, she loves all of you including your touches. Most of the time, she wants you to hold her in your arms. The feeling of your body next to hers reassures her of your love. Don’t get it twisted, it’s not always a greenlight for intercourse so keep your hands in the open area unless she says otherwise.

  1. She wants you to shower her with compliments

Wouldn’t she be narcissistic if she demanded for compliments? You don’t have to wait for her to say it. As a man who knows how to treat a woman, you shouldn’t run out of compliments especially when she makes an effort to be better. Technically, your compliments don’t add to her physically, but they have a psychological effect on her. It makes her feel not just loved but appreciated. You may not know this, but she’s constantly expecting you to say those nice things to her – don’t keep her waiting for too long.

  1. She wants you to laugh at her jokes

She may not be the funniest person around, but she definitely doesn’t mind being made to feel like she has a great sense of humor. It’s her desire to make you happy, so being able to make you laugh every now and then, will definitely make her day. It can be hard to laugh at dry jokes, but you should try to find the humor in them. If she made the effort to crack a joke or two and you didn’t laugh, she wouldn’t be happy. Besides, it costs you nothing to laugh. Indulge her, will you?

  1. She wants you to tell her she’s beautiful

Women pay great attention to their beauty especially as it concerns what the men they love think of their looks. Even if she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, it gladdens her heart to hear the man she’s in love with tell her that she’s beautiful. If she had her way, she’d have you singing the praises of her beauty all day. Don’t assume that she’s content with the admiration she gets from other man. She’ll like to hear it from your mouth.