On Price Paid The EP, rapper Otegashowcases his versatility on this 6 track EP featuring Dabixx Oshaa.

Every song on this EP comes with a uniquesense of style and sound, capturing it’s listeners attention in a very relatable way employing the use of excellent melodies, rhythms and flows.

Price Paid! would give you a wider perspective into the rapper’s style of music and sound and would always leave you to want more.


  1. Shine Freestyle Raw || Download
  2. Gotta Do This Feat. Dablixx Oshaa || Download
  3. Opor Feat. Dablixx Oshaa || Download
  4. Soro Feat. Dablixx Oshaa ||Download
  5. Sometimes Feat. Dablixx Oshaa || Download
  6. Unusual Feat. Dablixx Oshaa || Download