The popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter was ‘set on fire’ yesterday by some concerned Nigerians over a video showing how a female student of federal university of technology Akure(FUTA) was physically assaulted and battered by some set of students of the institution. Unconfirmed report from the insiders revealed that the victim goes by the name Bolu, a 100-level student.

The short video was shared by
@subdeliveryzone, according to this handle,
“FUTA student seen assaulting a female student with his school daughter.
” From source,The boy who happens to be the school father of one of the girls in the video,was called to help deal with the lady who had misunderstanding with his school daughter.”

A Twitter user @aspirin-n also gave an insight into the unfortunate incident, according to him,” The lady seen been beaten by one OBA of IDD dept (industrial design department) 300lvl FUTA has been taken to the University health care center and she’s receiving treatment

… Investigation and tracking of the culprit on going.”

The accuser was also caught on video punching the accused on the face countless times alongside a group of six including the accuser’s school father.

One of the girls was filmed viciously beating the accused with a broom with the girl screaming ‘egbami o’, a yoruba word for ‘please save me’

This incident happened just outside the school premises a probable reason why the assaulted girl couldn’t get help anywhere around.

A tweeter user who is believed to be a student of FUTA however tweeted that 7 people have been identified in the viral video, and they will all face the school panel on Sunday.

According to the tweets by @sama_on-point


Seven (7) FUTA students have been identified as the culprits of this act of assault & battery.

The seven students will be sanctioned according to the University’s Rules and Regulations.

They are to appear before a panel by 9.00am tomorrow, Sunday, November 17, 2019.”

A couple of highly placed Nigerians have also taken drastic step over the assault. The popular human rights activist, Mr ‘Segun Awosanya popularly known as Segalink and his counterpart Mr Oluyemi Fasipe a.k.a Yemi Fash. Following a call from the former to escalate the issue to the appropriate quarters in the university. The latter however revealed the step taken according to him, “I have been able to reach the FUTA girl that was assaulted in the viral video, I also spoke to the Dean of Student affairs of the school. I learnt the boy who led the assault is on the run, we will ensure that all the culprits are tracked, arrested and duly prosecuted.”

At about 2:25am, one of the students who gave an update on the number of students that carried out the assault on the female student @sama_on-point said, authorities of the institution have started overseeing the issue, according to him,


ASSAULT & BATTERY – The @FUTAkure Interrogation Panel is currently sitting on the case of the Seven (7) identified FUTA students.

As at 2:25am, Sunday, November 17, 2019, the panel has INTERROGATED 3 of the culprits.

As at the time of filling this report, the reason behind the attack by these set of students against their fellow student is yet to be unraveled.

A verdict could be issued as early as 9am.”

Identity of the accused revealed

One of the accused “assaulter”