Must Read For Guys!!! See 5 Warning Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You With Another Bobo

Let’s be honest, it is hard to take when you see the woman you really love in the hands of another man.

I read a mail by a Naijaloaidite last week whocontemplated suicide because he caught his girlfriend having sex with his best friend.

Some relationships are not meant to be and if you end up getting hurt as a man, it is your fault because you failed to observe certain things.

I Will Help You With 5 Warning Signs Your Babe Is Interested In Another Man:

She Doesn’t Pick Your Call

This is the easiest sign to know your girlfriend is no longer interested in you. She will always come up with excuses as to why she missed your call.

Worse, she won’t even reply your missed call. Some girls will even give their best friend the phone to answer for them.

Unfortunately, not many guys will notice a red flagin this and continue acting like a dummy!

She Agrees & Doesn’t Argue With You

When a girl no longer picks up fights with you and agrees with everything you say, it is a sign the feelings are fading away.

See, women like men that give them something to think about; the typical bad boy gang, the hot headed guy.

If she is not stressed about anything you do, brother she is bothered about someone else.

She Is Less Interested In Sex

So you and your girlfriend used to have regular s*x and suddenly she is no longer interested, well below are 3 reasons why:

A) She was never enjoying your sex life and was only faking it. Yes women are capable of doing that 100%!

B) Another guy is giving her the real deal!

C) Read A & B slowly again!

She Is Always Hiding Her Phone

While i feel guys shouldn’t always check their girlfriend’s phone for privacy reasons, but if you both say “I Love You” and actually mean, there is absolutely nothing wrong in a man checking his girlfriend’s phone.

So when she is always refusing, bros your girlfriend IS HIDING SOMETHING THAT WILL HURT YOU.

She Compares You With Other Guys

Wow this sign is obvious and for a guy it is very painful.

When your girlfriend is always talking and comparing you with other rich or taller or more handsome guys, that girl is not the woman you should have.

The right lady will never want to exchange you for anything, she loves you for who you are, the man that you are, the man inside.

A word is enough for the wise ??


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