My Son Had Presentiment Of The Lagos Tanker Explosion Incident – Corn Seller

Thursday 28th June 2018 was a normal day heading to the weekend as any Lagosian would look forward to, but the tragic events which took place on that fateful day would change the life of some Lagos residents and indeed Nigerians forever.

A roasted-corn seller simply identified as Mama Favour, described the situation as very horrible and that she had yet to recover from the shock, despite the fact that it happened about two days ago.

“I was at my stand roasting corn and hoping to finish all the fresh corn that I brought from the market on that Thursday morning,” she said.

Mama favour told Punch correspondents that the incident had spiritual undertones. She said her son who was with her on Thursday had the premonition that there was going to be an evil occurrence about ten minutes before the tanker fire explosion.

She said, “My son came with me to the scene on Thursday and he told me that he was feeling strange. He said his body was shaking and that his head was ‘getting bigger”.

“I didn’t even pay attention to it until he said that he felt it was a bad omen. As he was telling me, my eyes were on my corn and the umbrella was obstructing me.

Immediately he called out to me saying, ‘Mummy, see’, in an attempt to look up, the next thing I heard was the sound of the explosion. I lost my sanity immediately and we started running.

“I ran from this Otedola Bridge to the Lagos State Secretariat before we stopped. I forgot totally about my corn and even lost my phone in the process.”

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