Nigerian Man Reveals How Having A Panic Attack Saved Him From F.SARS Officials

Another day, another story on the ever trending EndSars campaign.

A Nigerian man with the twitter handle @dwayneflicker narrated his ordeal at the hands of Sars officials and he revealed how a twist to the story saved him from the unknown.

Read below:-

SARS just stopped me now and got me into there van for going to drop a ebuka off and withdraw money at the atm next thing i knw they searched my fone and asked for my id and i didnt even go out with any bcs i was just going to the atm and next thing they were struggling to get me into their van .

I kinda was shouting in the middle of the road and the other guy was shouting too bcs he was like i shud enter dere van let them follow me and go get my id card and i couldnt be cause if u enter d van dats all for the day, They wud come bail u out

I was with them for an hour they searched me and searched my phone, to cut the story short i had a panic attack and they saw me fall on the fall they entered there van and zoomed off.

My uber driver rushed me to the hospital and i was given mobilizer to calm me down
I finally had my sars experience this night at mobolaji Bank Anthony Way