Pastor Ask Congregation To Pay Before They Can Touch Him (Watch Video)

Shocking videos have emerged showing a Ghanaian Pastor asking congregants to pay before they can touch him.

The Pastor who was identified as Prophet Tony Boateng who was on a ministerial visit to Nigeria, took to the pulpit and asked the congregation to pay some amount of cash before they can touch him.

The video was shared on Twitter by @Im_Cutesunshine who wrote a lenghty post, talking about how Christians need to be careful about the church they attend.

She wrote:-

Attention ! Attention !!
All of you in search of christ should be careful with the kinda church you attend.
Most of all these churches are just out to extort you and brainwash you.
My brother attended a church today and trust me all the videos I’ve seen are terrible.

How do you tell a congregation to form lines for people with different denominations.
Or tell them to bring 5k to heal their marriages.
Or you tell them if they don’t have, they should borrow and when the Lord blesses them they should refund.
Who are we really worshipping?

Or ask the people with their ATMs in their bags to come forward and queue for their account balance to increase.
How do all these fake pastors and prophets even pull so much crowd ?
Your members barely feed but you have a Benz in your fleet of cars.
How exactly ?

I’m really not understanding.
The so-called church in question is in Igando.
All of you that stay in that vicinity should really be careful.
They extort you of the little you have and you go home feeling manna is going to fall from heaven for you.
Are you okay ?

I really hope we don’t learn the hard way because all these pastors are using churches as an avenue to enrich themselves.


I’ve been a victim of all these fake prophets and prophesies and never did I take any of them serious.
They tell you all sorts to buy you Buh truly greater is he that is in me.
Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer Buh you start with nothing.

I’m not even going to keep quiet on this one because I know how my life was almost ruined and a close family member took it very serious and thought the prophesies were real.

Please please and please let’s all be careful and very watchful”.

Watch the videos below:-