Tonto Dikeh Offers To Buy An Iphonex For Nina As Shade With Tunde Ednut Thickens

Tonto Dikeh Offers To Buy An Iphonex For Nina As Shade With Tunde Ednut Thickens

Tonto Dikeh(Nollywood actress) has continued to go head to head with Tunde Ednut (musician and Instagram influencer) over Big Brother Naija star, Nina after he shamed her (Nina) for sharing a video of herself which Tunde saw as a poor quality video from an android phone.
As a result of this, Tonto Dikeh has now offered to gift Nina a brand new IPhoneX or any other phone of her choice.

How it all started.

Tunde Ednut had via his Instagram page shamed Nina for sharing a video she made with a purported poor quality phone camera.

Displeased Tonto Dikeh chimed in his comment section to slam him ” Tunde you have been a celebrity longer than i can remember, so you can afford a phone.. Send her one she needs it, We are waiting since you are the first to notice it” she wrote

As a clap back, Tunde Ednut shared an old video of Tonto where she fell off of a stage while performing a song as an artist signed to Dbanj’s record label.

Tonto Dikeh in reply to Tunde’s clap back wrote ” Tunde i was a musician for a sec and found a stage! Son, you have been musician all your life and never seen a stage…Nothing changes the fact that my news alone is bigger than your career. You need to go back to been a video vixen..
Remember your cool moves with the Sand men #Here’s your First and Last reply #Post and Delete”
Tunde replied saying ” What else can anyone say about me apart from Dead Career Say something else . This is weak come back jor. Tonto you can do better.”

Tunde also went ahead to share a video of himself performing one of his songs on stage.

Seeing that Tonto has now offered to gift Nina a phone, Tunde Ednut wrote via Instagram ” Mwuaaaaaaah! Women I love you Ooo… Make she no deceive una o! Na she attack me first, but there was no come apart from the normal “Your Dead Career” when I don ginger down…. Chaaiiiiiiiiiiiii Jesus…. Let the sleeping dog lie o!. It’s Tunde Ednut Oooo. @Tontolet don’t block me o, I’m your Fan o!

Meanwhile Bobrisky who’s a huge fan of Nina’s waded in and gave Tunde some shots of his hot cup of slams and says he’d redeem his promise to Nina ASAP, he wrote ” Tunde coconut or what are they calling u? Y are u looking like an arm robber who is about to pick a pocket in dis pic. Idiot u wanna use my Nina to trend ? If u don’t like her phone go and get her one now oloshi. U love to trend on everybody name because u are useless,foolish, an idiot. No single talent in your life. Your talent is to shade people mad DOG. I’m waiting for your clap back oloshi omo. U claim to be a blogger my dear u are forcing it. All the blogger I know are cashing out madly e.g linda ikeji , pulsetv Nigeria etc. Let me even ask u self, are u tired of editing my pic  cos I noticed u rested for a while. If u wanna clap back please don’t forget to upload one of my edited pic please. FOOL

Part 2. There is nothing in dis life u wanna shade me with in dis life naa do u know y ? I’m shameless I don’t care wat people say about me. Don’t forget I can still enter (U.K.) London anytime I want cos my records there is clean. Bros go London let me see u . Motherfucker I’m waiting for u. U self fit carry me go Abuja I’m waiting for ur lawyer note. I fear nobody if u mess with me or my friends i will serve u well. See his mouth like his grandma pussy. Useless boy. U don’t even know who to shade again is now Nina. Oloshi see his long neck like chicken their about to kill for Christmas party.

@nina_ivy_ as u are getting ur phone from @tontolet, u are also getting ur hair and money asap from me. Sis is giving u an iPhone of ur choice. From Bobrisky u are getting a long hair of ur choice and some cash. Tunde we are never ur mate we roll cash out. Reply me and free tonto . Bastard are u scared of me ? son of a beast. The last time I check u were singing wat happen to it ? Now u move to a blogger .if u don’t reply me tunde u are a bastard. @nina_ivy_keep winning we are strongly behind u.