A Facebook user, Electron DC, reveals how he discovered that a stray bullet was in his skull for over a year.

The young man had a successful operation which was removed from his skull.

Read what he posted on his Facebook Page below:.

This is how it happened on Sunday something hit my head on July 17 2018 my friend’s birthday on my way to the place then I started bleeding the we bought ice block then went to a chemist then the chemist said nothing is wrong because immediately the bullet entered through my head it closes back so the chemist didn’t notice something entered he gave me drugs to use some then I have never fall sick my mom keeps buying drugs for the head to heal from whence till 2th of September 2019 I got a bullet in my head and that Tuesday I was just singing a christian music till the spirit direct me that there is something in my head then I called someone to check in it for me and he told me we have to go to the hospital and I can’t believe this after a year a bullet is in my head I am not dead please help me share this what the Lord has done for me and also he will do something great for you to as you share , hold on to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY

See More Photo Below:

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