WHY DO PEOPLE RAPE? Coined from criminological and reality perspective

WHY DO PEOPLE RAPE? Coined from criminological and reality perspective

“Ladies of last generations experienced less cases of rape AND Ladies of future generations are likely to experience MORE cases of RAPE”.

Let’s look at the ROUTINE ACTIVITY THEORY OF CRIME together.

Victimologists are more concerned with “how” and “why” an individual may be victimized and others are not and have employed a number of theories to that effect.

The Routine Activity theory of Crime is a victomological theory that presumed crime is relatively unaffected by social causes such as poverty, inequality and unemployment.

It employs three elements to explain crime causation. Which are:

  •  A Likely Offender
  •  A Suitable Target and
  •  The Absence of a Capable Guardian

*A Potential Offender:* An idle mind they say is the devil’s workshop, lack of employment and creativity these days made men think otherwise and this give opportunity to identify your neighbor who always dress half naked.

Also, this gives room to have a lot of time roaming aimlessly on the internet watching all sort of ambiguous and derogatory movies.

*A Suitable Target:* This element accounts for larger chances being victimized and it’s one thing the Female folks don’t like to hear lest you’re looked upon as rapist or an apologist. But it is what it is.

A crucial factor here is the mode of dressing of our ladies.

Subconsciously, men register all sort of female images (unauthorized) in their brain due to what is seen everyday, everywhere around you and this get triggered while you’re alone.

The prevalence of Sex Offences can be tamed if the Female folks examined where they have gone wrong all in the name of civilization.

What we see mostly today is a madness display of nudity. I was scrolling through my twitter news feed a week ago and stumbled on a tweet that reads “Let me bless your morning with this” and she was unclad in a 40s video. I asked myself, “for what”? I have a friend that deleted his IG account for similar reason.

I recounted also, when we used to gather at a field every morning during the weekend to play football. This field is very close to a friend’s hostel. So I used to visit after the match to relax and freshen up. One day I asked him why he’s always indoor in the morning.

His response was he doesn’t go out in the morning except it’s necessary because his Female neighbour always move about in pants and bra.

This is a Hostel of just three rooms o! A room for my friend and his roommate and other two were occupied by two females each.

Guess what?

There’s this frequent knock on his door by those girls to request one type of seasoning or the other.

*Absence of a Capable Guardian:* This element is also very important. It ranges from Parenting Styles to how the society responds to crime.

Larger percentage of sex offender are relatives and or the Victim’s significant other. The Parents as a guardian often let their guard down by ignoring their children’s ordeal while believing and trust the predator more.

Consequently, our Law enforcement officers stigmatize rape victims and often justify their victimization with the popular axiom “being at the wrong place at the wrong time”.

This and inactions of some Parents predisposed many rape victim to keep mute and those that couldn’t handle stigma and rejection often result to suicide.

IN SUMMARY, while attacking rapists and seeking justice for the victim, let’s educate ourselves on prevention and control strategy.

Because even if justice is served, the broken hymen cannot be restored.

I have done my part.

I condemned RAPE in its entirety.

From a criminologist & security technocrat

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