“World Cup Is Over Let’s Face Our Politicians, I Sing For Last Election No Mean Say I No Go Talk” – Olamide

Rapper , while reacting to the Super Eagle’s loss to Argentina last night, tackled the government and politicians saying this year’s election will be different.

The revered rapper said now that Nigeria is out of the World Cup, it is time to face politicians after it was revealed that Nigeria is now leading as the World’s poorest country.

“Naija una try no cry abeg… World Cup is over let’s face the politicians Wetin be their plan as we de move fwrd so … dem say we carry World Cup for poverty how far na ???” He said

Writing on Twitter, Baddo as he is popuarly called said because he supports and sang for a particular party doesn’t mean he wouldn’t speak for the people when they are not happy.

He said; “Moving foward ema state agenda yin we go de tick am together as una de do am one by one like ambode.. come with ur plans, we state our needs, we meet in the middle and every1 is happy..

“If dem done release budget we want de get notification and who dem award the contract to so when dem no do d work we fit locate dem go house make turn de start like this . Make we de see road… no be so all d president wey done come n go mumu n wicked reach !

“And ah beg make dem educate the bad eggs for sars or make dem go de do farming.. we can’t rely on oil money only .

“I sing for last election no mean say I no go talk when the people no de happy . Everyone is important and should be heard,this is democracy ji masun