3 Reasons Why She Ignores Your DMs

A lot of guys keep complaining about this or that Lady who did not reply their DMs and here is a definitive list of reasons why you were ignored.

1. She’s Not Familiar With You: You can’t just be harassing someone’s DMs as if you’re a rabid dog on heat. Start by liking her pictures and commenting slow slow so she is better familiar with you.

2. The Pictures On Your Timeline Are Not Enticing: Your background. Your swag. These are the first things she would check in your pictures as soon as you send her a direct message. So everything has to be on point, up to date with modern trends.

3. You’re not her type: After she has scrolled through your pictures or seen the way you write, she may or may not decide if you are indeed, her type.
Don’t take this too deeply as one man’s food is another man’s poison.

Just move on.

Thank you for reading