Just in: Gunmen rob Orange Petrol Station In Ilorin

Just in: Gunmen rob Orange Petrol Station In Ilorin

Deadly Armed Robbers With Guns Rob Orange Petrol Station In Ilorin

About 6 armed robbers robbed a new petrol station in Ilorin. The Orange petrol station was robbed last night alongside Tanke junction 30 minutes robbery attack in Ilorin, Kwara state.

The incident occurred between 8:55 and 9.20pm on Wednesday night. Unconfirmed report have it that the bandits cart away an undisclosed amount of cash within the incidence.

For about 30 minutes, sporadic gunshots had been heard across the neighborhood of the incidence by the armed robbers.

The night when the robbery took place, the policemen that used to mount by the roadside between Tanke junction and Tipper garage weren’t there, Usually, policemen are always seen between 8pm and 10pm most times at the main road that leads to the University of Ilorin.

Robbery incidents are getting extra rampant in Ilorin and its setting, NIGERIA NEWS reported of a theft incident in Offa town in Kwara state, whereby about 17 individuals had been killed in a a number of financial institution robbery

The petrol station was opened about 2 months ago. As on the time of submitting this report, GIDITRENDZ has not been able to reach the manager of the Orange petrol station for further enquiries about the incident.

Investigation has it that they robbed with a Mercedes benz having plate number of Ado ekiti…

More details soon.

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