This Might Happen To You For Having Different Sexual Partners – Expert

Amid rise in the number of couples who suffer difficulty conceiving in the country; currently estimated at 1 in 5, ace fertility expert and CEO of Hope Valley International Clinic, Dr Michael Ogunkoya, has advised unmarried women to be mindful of the number of sexual partners they keep.

Ogunkoya, who spoke at a one day health/leadership seminar organised by Jesus Girls International in Lagos recently, said sticking to one sexual partner reduces a woman’s chances of developing tube blockage which is currently the highest cause of infertility in Africa.

“While contributory factors to infertility could be both male and female-related, lifestyle issues such as having multiple sexual partners is a major factor because it increases the risk of contracting infections which cause blockage of the tube and therefore, infertility.

That is the most common in our environment because in Nigeria and in fact Africa currently, blockage of the tube is the highest cause of infertility. In the West though, it is ovulation-related problems,” he said.