To check the data balance And Expiring Date Of Any MTN Data Bundle

How to check MTN data bundles expiry date? This is an easy question to answer. However millions of people are facing this problem every day. This is not bad, nor good, but we think we should give several tips on this question to help everybody. So, let us tell you how to check MTN data.

MTN and their data bundles

For all time clients, MTN has its loyalty program. This loyalty program works on the scheme where according to your activity and usage of MTN you get additional points on your account. In some time, when you get enough points – you can “pay” with them for some options of MTN, for example, get additional SMS for a future month, an additional pack of megabytes, free calls, etc.. You can find the full list of options on the website of MTN Company.

MTN data bundles are activated with the special code you get from the operator. The duration of the bundle begins on the day you enabled it or with a free SMS with the code. For example, if your contact with the company says that you should pay every 5th day of the month, it is doesn’t mean it will stop your bundle. If it is a monthly bundle, in case you start it on the 10th day, it will work until the 10th day of next month with no matter if you paid for your contact or not.

Here are four main USSD codes which will help you to understand how do you check MTN data balance. There are four significant types of subscription in MTN with different codes to check data balance and the period of expiry:

  • To check the data balance and expiry of your MTN data plan for Android, iPhone, or laptop simply pass USSD code *131*4# on your mobile phone or send “2” to special service number 131 as an SMS.
  • To check the data balance of your MTN BIS simply send “STATUS” using big letters to the MTN service number 21600 as an SMS.
  • To check the data balance of your MTN SME data plan simply dial *691*7# on your mobile phone. As an alternative, you could send a word “SHAREBALANCE” using big letters to 131 as a text message (SMS).
  • To check the data balance of your MTN Goodybag plan simply sends a message with text “403” to 131 as an SMS.

After you send a message using one of these numbers wait for a few seconds or minutes and you will get the answer with your balance.

As for bundles connected with the loyalty program, you need to use the USSD code *141*1# and choose the option “2”. It will display not only your data balance, bundle data balance, but also the promo balance. It could appear from time to time, as MTN very often sends it to the clients on holidays or some special personal occasions like birthdays or something like that.